Meditation &
Hatha Yoga Classes

At The 224 EcoSpace, Retreats and Private Sessions


I love guiding people of all body types in yoga practice.  No matter who you are, Yoga is a possibility for you and it will change your body and change your mind about your body.  Reach out and find out my current schedule. Many of my SoulYoga Experiences are offered at The 224 EcoSpace.  Come learn how to relax and be well. Come to The SoulYoga Experience.




No matter what your age, shape, body type, flexability -- yoga has something for you.

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Walking into your first class

•Wear loose clothing
• Bring a water bottle
• Focus on your experience on the mat
• Remember this is not a competition
• It is your expression of a posture

• Pay attention to the chatter in your mind
• Be gentle with yourself
• Don't over-do it, rest in Table or Child's pose
• It's not a race, do your best
• Breathe


Retreats & Private Sessions

Dr. Best is a dynamic preacher, teacher, yogini and retreat guide. Each year she has a number of retreats she offers and serves as a guide.  If you would like to have her create a retreat for your group, inquire below.  If you would like to have a private session or host a private yoga group, inquire her availability.


What will happen?

You will center yourself at the beginning and focus on being present in the room.  The teacher will guide you through various poses, movements and postures.  There will be a peak pose and at the end you will have the chance to rest and reflect on your time on the mat.  

To sign up for a future class please click here.


Dr. Best is available for retreats and private sessions.  Feel free to inquire about her availablity and rates.